Change is necessary

Why are we afraid of change? We are built to survive, we based our decisions on previous experiences. Our brains trick us to believe that the unknown is not safe and to continue our life, we have to stay put. But do we?

If we focus on all the previous events we have overcome and survived, we are batting 100. So if we can change the way we look at change, maybe it won't be so scary. Every second, we change, we evolve. Life is our evolution, our body changes by what we eat, our emotions change through time and experience and our thoughts change based on events. Instead of letting out brain trick us since it cannot predict the outcome of the change, we need to look at our survival rate to change. We are survivors, our surrounding world is changing every second of every day and it continues to evolve. Don't get sp comfortable in life you forget to evolve into what you are put here for..... I'm not afraid of change, I'm afraid of staying the same. Who do you want to be tomorrow?

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